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In Kansas you can run year of manufacture plates from any county in the State.  After picking up a couple of plates for recently aquired Corvairs and Kirk Eck getting a Goodland County plate for his car (GO)  I am going to start looking for only Franklin County tags  (FR) . . .  No one would have to explain it to their kids . . . but it might bring a few smiles amounst knowing people.

Terry Kalp

---- Tony Underwood <tonyu at roava.net> wrote: 
> Not in VA.   They have a pack of what must be evangelists or 
> something that look at license plate applications in mirrors, 
> upside-down, check other languages etc.
> My brother tried to get 3MTA3, no good, turned him down.    I've seen 
> a few VA personalized plates that must have been early issues, what 
> with rather interesting references on them...  seeing as how of late 
> there's been a crackdown on what can and cannot appear on a VA 
> license plate.   Spoilsports.
> There is no joy in mudville.
> They've even made some plates "ungrandfathered" and recalled them 
> after the fact, such as the VA plate 2DYKES which the DMV recalled 
> (after much protest from the two ladies who jointly owned the Jeep 
> Cherokee to which the plate had been registered) following a 
> complaint from some woman who saw it and didn't like it.   BS 
> complaint if you ask me...
> ...a personalized VA plate I saw on a car at a local Taco 
> Bell  ;)  with a Hollins College bumper sticker  (reknown for having 
> been an upper-crust girls school for over a hundred years) that 
> showed LES BEAN managed to sneak by...
> Closest Vair sort in VA that I'd seen was another FNADER and FRALPH, 
> both VA personalized plates on lates, both seen at VA Vair Fairs.
> ...I've not seen either of these plates at any shows for some time 
> now, wonder if the DMV recalled them as well.   ;)
> tony..   

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