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After a  short 26-year break in Corvair ownership, I'm back in the game with
a 66  Monza 110 Convertible.  While evicting the squirrels and their  nuts
from the engine compartment and trunk, I discovered some large  cannisters in
each fender corner, front and back, bolted right in there  like they belong.
Sturdy as they are, they do not seem to actually connect  to anything or
serve any obvious purpose.  I don't remember these on  my last Corvair - a
beloved 65 Monza - and could not find them in the shop  manual or parts
catalog.  Does anybody know what the heck those things  are?


John Neal

They are fluid-filled vibration dampeners. Only Late converts have them,  
along with a few other GM converts. They have a pair of springs locating a  
weight/piston  in the middle with holes through it. When the late model  
Convertible hits a bump, or railroad track or almost any other shock, the  dampeners 
help to "dampen out" the motions of both the front and rear of the  car. The 
weight tries to stay static and the springs, being connected to the  body by 
virtue of being contained in the cannister, try to push the weight up  and down, 
the fluid (Not sure what it is but probably ATF) extrudes through the  holes in 
the weight, which slows the motion and dampens the movement of the  front and 
rear ends. If you ever take them out, grab a hold of one of the  attaching 
brackets and gently bounce the cannister on the concrete. If the  vibration 
doesn't cause you to giggle, you're officially old! - Seth  Emerson

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