<VV> yup, It's bad (Turbo dropped valve seat)

Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 3 23:26:02 EDT 2006

Hi Lonny,

When you say newly rebuilt, were the head redone including new valve seats
or just a regrind?  Were they done by a reputable shop that has experience
with aircooled motors?

I came to the conclusion years ago that if I didn't know the history of a
set of heads that I was better off just getting all the seats and guides
replaced and get it over with, even with non-turbo heads.

If the seats were replaced and done by a reputable shop that does aircooled
motors and you havn't overheated the heads then I'd just get the one
cylinder fixed.  If the pistons are forged, then just like Ian said,  pick
out the pieces and smooth over the dents to take the sharp edges off.  As
long as the ring land didn't get crushed and they're forged you should be

Sorry to hear about your problems,

Dan Kling

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A few pictures of the Greenbrier, UltraVan, engine and tranny tear down with
more to come! 

Lonny Clark said:

>I had an issue with my newly rebuilt turbo engine. It was missing, and made
kind of a >funny
>noise. I checked the compression, and the number 2 cylinder showed zero. A
>few guys here on VV stated that it's probably the exhaust seat. Well, after
>I finally got it apart, I can say that it's the exhaust seat, all right.
>bad is this problem normally? The seat is completely out, I think once I
>the valve spring off, the seat will just fall out. It also looks like the
>piston hit the valve pretty hard.
>Is the head salvageable? It looks like the area around the seat is missing
>material where the seat has beat on it. Will the valve need to be replaced?
>What else?

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