<VV> Thermister check wanted

Andy Clark slowboat at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 4 15:50:49 EDT 2006

Your hand will produce enough heat to change the resistance, but use a heat
gun or hair dryer. Use a digital multimeter to see the change. This will
only tell you if the thermister is working and not dead. It will not tell
you if it is accurate.
Room temp (70degF) resistance should be around 5 to 6 Kohms. See Lew
Rishel's graph for change in resistance with temp.
Andy Clark
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From: "Michael Kovacs"
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Subject: <VV> Thermister check wanted

> I'm sure somewhere there is a test to see if a thermistor is working or
not before installing it in a car. Probably something to do with resistance
when it is heated. I have three of them in the stash and want to do a simple
bench check before declaring them junk or OK to keep in the stash.
>    Anybody have a simple check with a multimeter and hair dryer that I can
use? Will a simple match produce enough heat to move a meter?

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