<VV> Thermister check wanted

James Davis jld at wk.net
Tue Jul 4 16:36:00 EDT 2006

The curve is on Rad's site. <http://rad.davis.home.comcast.net/Thermistor.html>
Jim Davis

At 02:30 PM 7/4/2006, you wrote:
>  I'm sure somewhere there is a test to see if a thermistor is 
> working or not before installing it in a car. Probably something to 
> do with resistance when it is heated. I have three of them in the 
> stash and want to do a simple bench check before declaring them 
> junk or OK to keep in the stash.
>    Anybody have a simple check with a multimeter and hair dryer 
> that I can use? Will a simple match produce enough heat to move a meter?

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