<VV> Thermister check wanted

Guus de Haan corvair at corvair.nl
Tue Jul 4 15:45:48 EDT 2006

Op 4-jul-2006, om 21:42 heeft Sethracer at aol.com het volgende geschreven:

> Probably a heat gun would work. If not, how about a propane torch -  
> lightly
> applied, of course. You could hold the thermistor in a vice  
> (lightly) with the
>  sender end sticking out. That should give you a reading when  
> heated. Lew
> Rishel  has a graph of the "resistance at temps" relationship. I  
> know I have it
> here but  I cannot find it this moment. - Seth

Here it is. Found within 5 seconds with Spotlight on a Mac ;-)


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