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 From my nephew about the cars

>The two shells are as follows,
>1972 911 This car has been sandblasted and primered a few years 
>ago.  Sadly it was left outside after primer.  There is surface rust 
>appearing again.  I have had the tarp off it and looked it it is not that 
>bad.  It is a targa and is a rolling vehicle.  No motor.trans.  The 
>interior is not complete but is partially there. The targa is the older 
>style with stainless/aluminum not sure which slats to support the fabric 
>top.  The targa frame is there but not the fabric.  The trim pieces are 
>not there as I remember.  I will ask if they are still available through 
>this owner or if they were lost/stolen.
>1978 911 turbo.  No motor or trans.  Rolling vehicle.  Misc interior has 
>been stolen and the windshield had a rock put through it.  No restoration 
>was done to this car.  Most sheetmetal is damaged in some way, rust or 
>dented.  Targa frame is broken.  Actually I need it for the 83 which is 
>broken so I will be swapping them before.  The frame flew off the car on 
>the highway bc it was not correctly secured.
>Both of these cars are located in teh Concord, NH area and must be removed 
>if I purchase the 83.  You will need to remove them with a flatbed,tow 
>dolly, trailer of some sort.
>Price.  Make an offer.  I do not want these, I have no use for 
>them.  Whatever you pay me will essentially rasie my offer to the owner by 
>the same amount.  I only want the 83 he has and the good targa from the 
>78.  He originally bought them to restore and kind of lost interest.  Over 
>the years the 72 and 78 were at various shops where parts went 
>missing.  He then brought them home where more damage was done to 
>them.  Now he is tired of looking at them.  You can email me directly at
><mailto:jhg41977 at yahoo.com>jhg41977 at yahoo.com
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