<VV> surgery(lon wall)

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Thu Jul 6 07:26:50 EDT 2006

At 04:11 AM 7/6/2006, cjcavitt at comcast.net wrote:
>well everything is looking good, we had a few complications this week with 
>breathing problems but lon has overcome them and is doing better.If 
>nothing happens from now till friday afternoon he is expected to be 
>released and he will spend the rest of his recovery in his home but dont 
>expect him to be going to work just yet.  curt

 From the patient's perspective (and the spouse's) the first week or two 
home from the hospital are the worst.  It's hard to find a decent sleeping 
position, you need lots of help just getting up and down, incision care, 
etc.  Once you are strong enough to manage somewhat on your own things get 
much better pretty quickly.

The surgery takes a lot out of you, but recovery is fairly quick and you 
feel so much better once you are several weeks out from the zipper insertion.

Been there, done that.

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