<VV> Nametag List

kaczmarek at charter.net kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Jul 6 10:08:37 EDT 2006

Here's the V V nametag list for Buffalo as it stands this morning. 
Please check your name for spelling.
If you don't see your name here, and you want a V V nametag, Let me know before  Monday, Jul 10. I will be having the tags made up that day. If I can get back in touch with Marissa, I may send them to her to put in your registration packet.  If not, perhaps someone vending inside will let us put them on their table for pick-up. 


Dick 	Shank		Jim	Burkhard	
Sarah 	Beltrami		Steve 	Schwartz	
Norm	Witte		Bill	Loftin	
Mike 	Moyer		Bob	Johnston	
Al	Grenon		Mike	Klaus	
Cliff	Tibbits		Ed	Bittman	
Bob	Marlow		Jeanne	Bittman	
Matt	Nall	 	Scott	Trunkhill	
Anil	Mittal		Sal	Andolino	
Gary	Swiatowy		Marissa	Andolino	
Hank	Kaczmarek	 	Scott	Trunkhill	
Andy	Kinzelman		John	Sweet	
Bill	Hubbell		Warren	LeVeque	
Ray 	Davis		Jerry	Moyer	
Jim	Davis		Duane	Wentlandt	
Rad	Davis		Garth 	Stapon	V V Chairman
Smitty	Smith		Seth 	Emerson
Mark	Corbin		Mike	Ioanes
Kent	Sullivan		Stan	East
J R 	Read		Mel	Herwald
Charlie	O'Hare		Dennis	Pleau
Bill	Stanley			
Tim 	Verthein			
Jerry	McKenzie			
Ken 	Wildman			
Penny	Wildman			
Neil	Bristol			
Clark 	Hartzel			
Michael	Kovacs			
Frank	Burkhard			

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