<VV> Lukewarm starting problem

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Thu Jul 6 10:58:29 EDT 2006

I wanted to update the list and get additional input regarding the issue I
have with my '65 turbo.  I'll describe the symptoms first and then go
through what I have done to the car.

The car will start and drive normally if it is cold.  The problem comes if I
drive it long enough to get up to operating temperature, even on mild days.
When I go to start the car after it has rested anywhere from half an hour to
and hour and a half, the car will start and run normally for perhaps two
minutes.  Then it will die.  It will run on starter fluid, and after jetting
starter fluid into the air cleaner maybe six or seven times, it will resume
normal idle and run fine.  It seems very much like vapor lock to me.

There was some question regarding my fuel system and tank.  The system has
two fuel filters, the stock one and a second glass filter I installed.
Also, I have replaced the tank, the sender, and all the rubber lines up
front.  The car seemed to be running abnormally hot, so I removed the lower
shrouds.  This appeared to lower the temps shown on the dash gauge from in
the 478-500 degree range to the 400-425 degree range.  The car has a
Petronix and Safeguard installed.  The problem existed before and was not
affected by the installation of the Safeguard.  I have a fuel pressure
regulator, but have not installed it yet.

Any suggestions appreciated.  My access to my regular email address is
somewhat spotty until next Monday, so if responses could be copied to my
Comcast account cc'ed on this email I would appreciate it.

Norm Witte 

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