<VV> FS: 13 inch Rally tires

vairdan at localnet.com vairdan at localnet.com
Fri Jul 7 07:56:55 EDT 2006

  One of my, "gooddeals", I bought a set of equiv. 255-60-13 rally
tires thinking that they would fit on Agent Orange Corvair. They will
fit the rear, but the front suspention is cut and I believe they will
rub when I make turns. They are DOT approved and heavy duty, very
aggressive tread and SIX ply. Made for offroad assaults. They are
new, never mounted. They will fit on a 6 inch rim. If you are
interested give me a hollar off list. I'll jot down the specifics. I
have about $120 in them but would consider some Corvair related
tradeing. Heading to PA and possibly Buffalo for the conv.

  Vair Dan in VA

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