<VV> smoking engine.

Dennis Dorogi dfamily at cecomet.net
Fri Jul 7 11:13:07 EDT 2006

This morning I went out to the shop with my neighbor, an 86 year old gentleman that used to work on corvairs in the 60's at a local Chevrolet dealer.  He supervised assembly of the engine a few years ago.   I started the engine on the rampside and it showed no hint of smoke on startup, after idling, or setting for awhile and restarting.  The engine ran smooth as could be, no unusual noises - in other words ran perfect.  Yesterday, it was billowing blue smoke in all the above situations.  It has done this before but usually not as severe.  Why  sometimes and not other times?  I am not imagining things or nuts yet but sometimes I wonder.  
      My neighbor could only recommend leaving the oil about a 1/2 quart low to see if that made a difference.  I only hope it will not decide to smoke at the concours.  Thanks for the suggestions from VV members.  I was ready to tear the engine apart this morning but I will just hope for the best at this point.  Not the right way to fix a problem.  Dennis Dorogi  

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