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Sat Jul 8 08:39:21 EDT 2006

I'd check the compression.  A bad head gasket spits on the power stroke and weakens that cylinder

Dan Timberlake

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I wont go into all the info, but the engine is rebuilt with all the good
stuff. .060 over and new rings and valves and associated parts. Problem is
#4 is misfiring,

   The left bank has a spit sound. The right bank sounds like a Corvair
should. I pulled the #4 wire while the engine was running and the spit sound
stops. It starts again when the wire is reattached. Oh yeah, the #4 spark
plug did not appear like it was firing (others are a bit sooty, this one is
too clean) when I pulled it. Compression is 150 +.

   New 7mm silicon wires did not cure the misfire, The cap is new and the
petronics 2 is running 12 volts into a .6 ohm flamethrower. Engine starts at
touch of the key, timing now at 12 degrees.

   Valves adjusted cold, then hot. I'm using 3/4 turn in after clatter. I am
temped to try another hot adjustment on #4 exhaust (and maybe intake?) while
listening to the exhaust.

   I had given the valves a slight lap prior to reinstalling and looked like
a perfect line seal. There is only 50 miles on it (today) and ran like a 5
cylinder. Absolutely no other noise from the engine so it should not be a
bad exhaust seat as they were all well in.

   I wont pull the head off again as I don't know what to look for and the
national is too close with no time to mess with it.

   If I can't cure the misfire, I'll have to take the '69 convertible. I was
hoping to give the 'trailer queens' a run for best in show, but not this
time I guess.

   Anybody have a clue as for what to look for???

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