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Sat Jul 8 19:08:04 EDT 2006

One of the anomolies of a '67 110 auto w/air car is that it REALLY was
designed to run 24 degrees advance. That was back in the days when you
could get REAL high octane gas, like Sunoco 260. I still have just such
a beast (have owned it since '71), and back then that is what I ran.
Sunoco 260 and 24 degrees advance, with no ping. And even though it's a
convertable (the heaviest body style), it would blow the doors off any
other 110 auto Corvair I had, even a non-air coupe (which is much

BTW this combination, along with the turbo, is the only one that has the
riveted-on timing extension plate. Sounds like your car is an unmolested
stock car. Sorry I don't have the distributor number.

Nowadays you just can't get good enough gas, so I've had to back the
timing down to 16, but I still have to run the highest octane I can get.
And, no, it doesn't perform as well as it did back then, because of the
dropped timing.


Big D Agazio wrote:
> So I decide to start probing around my 67 110 PG w/AC Monza parts (?) car. It might be a parts car because it's fate hasn't been decided yet. For now, it's not a parts car because I don't have another one. The car runs, barely. I warmed it up good and it rev'ed good. I thought I would back it out to clean the webs in and around the car and garage. However, every time I went to put it in reverse, the engine would knock rapidly loosing power and stalling. The engine was warn and the chokes open. I rebuilt one carb to spec that was very abused.I left the factory 49 jet in. The other one hasn't been touched yet. I want to straighten more out before I do this. The funny thing is, I have backed it out before without this much of a problem, the difference might be how warm the engine was.
>  Regardless, this is my real problem. I thought I'd check the electrical first so I looked under the cap and it looks new, along with the points and rotor. I don't know the history of this car. Then I thought I'd check the dwell and timing and I got stumped. Before checking the timing, I got confused how to do it on this car. I looked at the timing tab, which is kind of greasy, but it looked different than the 1965 service manual (which only went up to 16 degrees) and the 1967 suppliment didn't show the timing tab. My tab has a long line in the middle getting shorter towards the outside in both directions. I couldn't see numbers (under grease?), should I?. I might push the car out enought to degrease this, but this whole 24 degrees bothers me.
>  What's different in this car to make it 24BTDC? Is the distributor different and can somebody tell me the part number I should have in this engine? What does the timing tab look like on this car?
>  Thanks,
>  Darren Agazio
>  New CORSA Member this year..
>  Huntsville (Rocket City), AL

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