<VV> 67 110/pg w/AC Timing

Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Sat Jul 8 22:51:51 EDT 2006

I also had a '67 A/C 110/PG car (with posi!)... completely stock and 
about 50k on it.... and like Mark 16 BTDC was about as much timing as I 
could run on 93 octane fuel. Still a great car though!


airvair wrote:

>One of the anomolies of a '67 110 auto w/air car is that it REALLY was
>designed to run 24 degrees advance. That was back in the days when you
>could get REAL high octane gas, like Sunoco 260. I still have just such
>a beast (have owned it since '71), and back then that is what I ran.
>Sunoco 260 and 24 degrees advance, with no ping. And even though it's a
>convertable (the heaviest body style), it would blow the doors off any
>other 110 auto Corvair I had, even a non-air coupe (which is much
>BTW this combination, along with the turbo, is the only one that has the
>riveted-on timing extension plate. Sounds like your car is an unmolested
>stock car. Sorry I don't have the distributor number.
>Nowadays you just can't get good enough gas, so I've had to back the
>timing down to 16, but I still have to run the highest octane I can get.
>And, no, it doesn't perform as well as it did back then, because of the
>dropped timing.

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