<VV> Octane Availability- WAS VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 18, Issue 26

LonzoVair at aol.com LonzoVair at aol.com
Sun Jul 9 08:56:49 EDT 2006

Yeah guys, 
You can hang out near the tracks and get the "good stuff", but Chevron in  
this neck of the woods has always had 93 octane since I've been driving (1982)  
and when Sunoco was in these parts that 94 octane was here, too....  everyone 
else has either 92 or 91 at their pumps (SuperAmerica, Citgo, Marathon,  
Shell, and your various Mom 'n Pop stores)....
Two days ago I filled up with 93 octane at $2.84/gal.... not bad when  
Elizabethtown is $3.19 and just 18 miles away!

Lon Anderson  in White Mills, KY
CORSA, Corvanatics, Derby City Corvair, Central Ky  Corvair
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1961 Greenbrier 110/pg
1963  Greenbrier 110/4spd
1964 700 sedan 95/pg
1969 Monza  110/pg

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