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If  lower than Denver you should be running 93  octane. Bosch W8AC plugs are  
plentiful (at least here), cheap,  and  do not ping in mine. Any  chance the 
timing is not retarding under boost or  the mixture is  leaning out ?


In Los Angeles we WISH we had 93 octane;  91 is the best available.   W8AC 
Plugs work just  fine.

You got my answer in first! Although I have found another option -as least  
for the "Not driven daily" driver. There are still some Union 76 Stations 
around  (at least in Northern California)that sell 100 Octane Unleaded at the pump. 
The  last time (three weeks ago) I paid $4.79 a gallon - I bought about 6  
gallons. If you mix a couple of gallons in with the 91 Octane in a tankfull, it  
might solve some problems. Use a calculator to run the numbers. I use it as a 
 crutch for my new Corvette. Like the Corvair, it would really prefer higher  
octane, 93 at least. Unlike the Corvair, it will normally adjust, for  
unenthusiastic driving, via the computer. But When I am pushing it hard, as in  an 
autocross, a hard shift to second will cause a string of pinging. The "doped"  
fuel octane, in about a 1 part 100 to 1 part 91 ratio, works fine. I can  feel 
it complain a bit afterwards, when I top it up with 91 until the next  months 
event! -Seth

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