<VV> octane, prices--no corvair

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 9 12:48:02 EDT 2006

Let me see if I have this right: gas prices went up
overnight all over the place. There's no consistency
from place to place in either the octane rating
availability or the prices. Evertybody uses something
different in their individual cars, and telling
everybody about it is supposed to somehow be
significant.  So, in short, nothing is new, except for
the apparent belief that if we bitch about all of this
long enough, something will change.
The last time gas hit $3 (last summer. What a
memory!!!) Bush vowed he'd look into it and the oil
companies reduced their prices, just a little.  He
looks good, the oil companies look just a little less
bad while we quit bitching about it. Get it? Don't
make me explain this again.
That takes care of the prices. As far as the value of
the thread goes, all I can say is


Chuck Kubin

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