<VV> 67 110/pg w/AC Distributor

Big D Agazio darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 9 14:44:20 EDT 2006

I guess I was missing the obvious. When looking at the Supplement @ at the top of the distributor spec chart it clearly states PN 1110319. My distributor matches this number. I pulled my distributor to inspect it better and found I could barely turn it; at some point in the 360 degrees of rotation it hangs up bad.It feels like the shaft is bent. I don't think it's worth rebuilding. 

 And it looks like the only reason for the 24btdc was for extra power - to compensate for the AC. However, it's hard to run that much on todays gas.
 At least something matches on my car. Next, I suppose, I'll find out it's not even a Corvair.
Big D Agazio <darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com> wrote: Is the distributor different and can somebody tell me the part number I should have in this engine? 

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