<VV> cylinder head removal

pete pwilhelm2 at cogeco.ca
Sun Jul 9 16:13:31 EDT 2006

I appear to have a bad valve at #4 cylinder. I removed the spark plug and blew air threw it. None came out the crank case,it all came out the tail pipe. Also only 40# pressure on this cylinder.It is a ' 68 / 110 with 69000 miles on it. All other cylinders are aprox. +155 lbs
  Today I decided to remove the head. Did all as per the shop manual,except did not remove the carb studs,couldn't budge them.Figured  the head would still come out with some wiggling.
  I cannot loosen the head,it will not come out. What did I miss? Did the bolt in heater hose.
    Also 4 of the studs[head to cylinder] came out when I took off the nuts. Also had to cut off one of the nuts,could not get a socket on it. Man these nuts were almost welded on,plus the end of the studs were a mess.Not worried about studs ,as I see Clarks has them.
   Any ideas?
       Rookie Pete    

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