<VV> cylinder head removal

Roger Gault r.gault at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 9 17:56:05 EDT 2006

Hi, Pete,

It's not unusual to have trouble getting the head free of the cylinders.
Stuff seems to grow between the cylinder and the head and lock them

It's been a long time since I tried an in-the-car head removal, so I'm
working from ancestral memory.
Since you're doing the left side, you'll have to pull the oil cooler and the
piece of sheetmetal between it and the head.  The fins stick out into a
pocket in that sheetmetal.  I'm pretty sure you have to pull the heater hose
connecting shroud, too, but I might be wrong.  I'm pretty sure that on my
engine there's a stud sticking through it.

Assuming that you have all the sheetmetal around the head removed, and that
you have the pushrod tubes out, you're going to have to pry.

You can pry between the head and the cylinders with a screwdriver (that
advice will get me slapped around).  Keep in mind that the cylinder fins are
cast iron and can be broken fairly easily.
Or, probably better, you can get a 2X4 and some other wood blocks and wack
on the carb flanges and pry against the back side of the rocker area on the
bottom side.  Once you get it where it will rock back and forth, it should
come off easily.

I'm pretty sure you're going to have to pull at least the long stud on the

Good luck,

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I appear to have a bad valve at #4 cylinder. I removed the spark plug and
blew air threw it. None came out the crank case,it all came out the tail
pipe. Also only 40# pressure on this cylinder.It is a ' 68 / 110 with 69000
miles on it. All other cylinders are aprox. +155 lbs
  Today I decided to remove the head. Did all as per the shop manual,except
did not remove the carb studs,couldn't budge them.Figured  the head would
still come out with some wiggling.
  I cannot loosen the head,it will not come out. What did I miss? Did the
bolt in heater hose.
    Also 4 of the studs[head to cylinder] came out when I took off the nuts.
Also had to cut off one of the nuts,could not get a socket on it. Man these
nuts were almost welded on,plus the end of the studs were a mess.Not worried
about studs ,as I see Clarks has them.
   Any ideas?
       Rookie Pete
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