<VV> Higher Octane Fuel

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Actually, 100LL Avgas has *fewer* additives than car gas - oil companies are restricted on what can be added to avgas by FAA regulation - so no ethanol, MTBE, etc. will be found, just good 'ole tetraethyl lead. 100LL is just 'low lead' compared to higher octane avgas that used to be available (like 130 etc.) but still contains more lead than premium leaded auto gas. Your valves will love it but watch your spark plugs carefully and don't use it to wash your hands (despite how nice it smells compared to modern fuels).

Also, vapour pressure (volatility) of avgas is much lower than auto gas (wouldn't want your Cessna to vapour lock at 18,000 feet) so you may have starting problems in cold weather.

Make sure your avgas is light blue (colour coded 100LL) instead of red (coloured 80/87).


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    Also don't use leaded fuel in any car that has an  O2 sensor (either 
narrow or wideband) in the exhaust since the lead will soon  poison the sensor.
    Frank Burkhard

Phil and Frank,

I think Av gas has a bunch of additives which you probably don't want.   You can get super blue racing gas 
and there is also an unleaded version- the unlead version is EXPENSIVE.  I think my friend was paying $6 
or better a gallon for 105 unleaded in his GNX.  Guess 750 hp out of 3.8 liters needs a bit more octane. 

You might see if there is a sunnco in your area.  They blend 6 different octanes at the pump from 2 types 
of fuel- read something about the cost of the fancy pumps.



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