O2 Sensors Re: <VV> Higher Octane Fuel (Some Corvair)

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Sun Jul 9 18:18:41 EDT 2006

    While that's true for FACTORY built cars,  "some people" have added 
aftermarket O2 sensors to non-catalyst cars to enable  them to properly adjust 
carbs or EFI systems.  Innovate, for one, has  a unit available to do this.  
FuelAirSpark.com has recently  announced a dual wideband O2 sensor unit that 
installs 2 sensors, one in  each side of a two bank engine (like a Corvair) so you 
can measure the  separate A/F ratios for each bank just in case you have 
separate carbs on the 2  banks (like a Corvair).
    Frank Burkhard      
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n556p at yahoo.com writes:

To my knowledge, O2 (or lambda) sensors  have been introduced more
recently than catalytic converters, at least in  this country.  In some
parts of Europe, especially Germany, this may  have been reversed. 
Here, I don't think you'll find any cars with o2  sensors that don't
also have catalysts.

--- FrankCB at aol.com wrote:
>  Phil,
>     Also don't use leaded fuel in any car that  has an  O2 sensor
> (either 
> narrow or wideband) in the  exhaust since the lead will soon  poison
> the  sensor.
>     Frank Burkhard

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