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Actually, 100LL Avgas has *fewer* additives than car gas - oil  companies are 
restricted on what can be added to avgas by FAA regulation - so  no ethanol, 
MTBE, etc. will be found, just good 'ole tetraethyl lead. 100LL is  just 'low 
lead' compared to higher octane avgas that used to be available  (like 130 
etc.) but still contains more lead than premium leaded auto gas.  Your valves 
will love it but watch your spark plugs carefully and don't use it  to wash your 
hands (despite how nice it smells compared to modern  fuels).

Also, vapour pressure (volatility) of avgas is much lower than  auto gas 
(wouldn't want your Cessna to vapour lock at 18,000 feet) so you may  have 
starting problems in cold weather.

Make sure your avgas is light  blue (colour coded 100LL) instead of red 
(coloured  80/87).


'Scuse me, but isn't it illegal to use av gas on the roads and highways  
without paying the necessary taxes? And is leaded gas legal on the  highways?
Or are we suggesting it is OK to break the laws now?
Just wondering.....
Bob Helt

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