<VV> Early Canadian Corvair will not make the trip home

peter koehler pkoehler01 at atlanticbb.net
Sun Jul 9 21:46:26 EDT 2006

Yes, I want to bring my little green 500 sedan back home 
to Oshawa on "Corvair Day". Unfortunately, the situation 
at work precludes me from attending any portion of the 
upcoming International Corsa Convention. Two weeks ago my 
employer, "The General", decided that I should pack up and 
move closer to Pittsburgh. Effective July 3rd I now call 
on a different group of GM dealers and need to sell this 
lovely little house in Hollidaysburg and move West a 
hundred or so miles. I am right in the middle of getting 
this place ready for the real estate market and tomorrow 
will make a decision (hopefully!) on what house I will be 
purchasing. #236 Oshawa-built Corvair 500 sedan has been 
sent back to Michigan where Pete Cimbala is keeping an eye 
on it for me. Maybe some time in the future I will be able 
to arrange a long term loan agreement with the Automotive 
Museum in Oshawa and have the car on display for all to 
see. This is the earliest production Corvair from the 
Oshawa plant known to still exist. It would have been fun 
to bring it home and visit with my Canadian friends, 
especially His Honor the Mayor of Oshawa, John C.M.Gray. 
Alas, maybe next time? - Caveman Pete Koehler

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