<VV> 67 110/pg w/AC Mismatch

BigD darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 00:10:43 EDT 2006

Does that mean a distibutor of one part number could have either gear? Shouldn't this gear go for all  V.A. A/C cars?
 My heads are 1966-1969 110 smog (?) heads 3880708. My carbs match each other 70286908, but I'm not sure what they are for. They don't match the '67, but they do have PG 049 jets. 
 I'm stuck with these heads, so should I use 4 degrees advance and a smog distributor? Or can I stick with what I have and 14 or more degrees?
 BTW- My distributor had chunks of plastic (rotor or cap?) under the weights and binding it up. The  advance cam  was also elevated so the weights were swinging freely. I didn't see anything else that would keep the weights and the cam in the same plane except for flipping the weight springs. After I was done it looked and felt good. I think I'm all set. So far the VA and mech adv. have both been scewed up.
LonzoVair at aol.com wrote:      One thing that IS specific to the distributor for the 110/pg w/AC is the  distributor GEAR.... it is off by about a half a tooth from a regular  distributor, since with the placement of the AC belt the vacuum advance is in  the way of the belt path...

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