<VV> HELP - need wheel, not Corvair

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Jul 10 17:07:57 EDT 2006

Hokay, last week the caliper came loose on my daily driver and put a hole 
in one of the alloy wheels. Two shops said it was unrepairable and one said 
"maybe" but for $200-$250 & they would need to see it first.

The alternative seems to be a set of American Racing "Estralla"s but it is 
looking at $500 for a set of four plus mounting and balancing, etc. The 
problem is that the Reatta is the only car I have that uses 16x7 wheels and 
I have a great set of Michelins on it.

Now I am not in a rush (is back together and I have one of the original 
15x6 wheels on the right rear so is driveable  if U-gley) but if *anyone* 
knows of an (will consider 2 or more) "Etoria by Enkei" Type 5 aka EUM5 in 
16x7" with 5x115 (Big GM FWD) bolt pattern , I would gladly pay a finders fee.
A picture of the wheel can be seen at 
http://padgett.performanceresearch.us/files/eum5.jpg or as the car used to 
look at http://padgett.performanceresearch.us/cars/enk2.jpg .


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