<VV> Funny autocross story

AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Tue Jul 11 01:00:48 EDT 2006

I can't keep this to myself anymore because it's just too good....
This past Sunday, Kirk Eck, one of the founding members of the GoNed race  
team and someone I consider a good friend, drove in his first autocross in his  
110 powered 1965 coupe. The day started out dark and gloomy. Kirk was busy  
installing a set of autocross tire he borrowed and was quite quiet. I figured he 
 was just a bit nervous. I helped him get the car ready and then walked the  
course with him. When we got back to the car he was going to take it for tech  
inspection when he discovered that the keys were in his jacket. Only problem 
was  that his jacket was securely in the trunk. We tried my keys as well as 
Jim  Dallas' with no luck. Kirk removed the headlight bezels to get into the 
trunk  only to find out that the buckets were pop riveted and bondoed in place. 
This  was not something we wanted to mess with since the car was painted less 
than a  month ago. I was searching for something to pick the lock because 
that's  something a kid from Jersey has to know how to do.
Kirk got on the cell phone to ask his wife to contact a locksmith.  Meanwhile 
our local Corvair Yoda, Terry Kalp showed up. He tried the three or  four 
sets of Corvair keys that he had with him again without luck. As Kirk was  
talking to his young son about how foolish he felt, Yoda got the trunk open  while 
no one was looking. As we all bowed and proclaimed our amazement Kirk was  
teaching his son some new vocabulary. Seems Terry remembered that he put the  
second set of keys in the glove box before he sold the car to Kirk and they were  
still there. Terry always seems to find the simple solutions to complex  
appearing problems, that why we call him Yoda, Master of the Corvair  Force.
After that everything went well for Kirk, he did very well in his first  

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