<VV> GM plant tour

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 12 17:34:26 EDT 2006

The way my timing will work, I may need to go directly to the GM plant and 
check in after at the hotel and convention.  I don't know where it is 
located.  I'll be coming from the West (IL).  So, is the plant further East 
and I might as well stop at the hotel - or can someone give me an idea how 
to find the plant.  Mapquest is telling me I'll be on I-90 East for a long 
time and then I-190 North for 5.5 miles if going to the hotel.

Also, I can't locate the email which told me which tour I'm on - time of 
day - so maybe one of the tour organizers could drop me a private note about 
that, please.


Later, JR

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