<VV> A New E-bay Low!

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 12 17:53:21 EDT 2006

Thanks for the tip, I will send him several emails asking him the serial

Hopefully many people from the list will also send them to him asking
him until he posts the info.....

I just sent him my question....

ZERO bids due to lack of info, $800 is a lot of money to spend on
something that you don't know what it is. The engine number is visible,
in plain sight, if you look down between the top shroud and the
alternator by the oil fill tube. No PHD required just the ability to
read. I am in Chicago and interested, but need to know the engine code
to determine the cam and crank gear retard for the application.

Rick Loving

Subject: <VV> A New E-bay Low!

Hi Guys!

An interesting item has appeared on e-bay. It is item #220006493504.
It's an "NOS" 140 engine that looks like a 66 California model with smog
control. The starting bid is $800. I was interested and sent an e-mail
to the seller in Michigan politely asking for the engine serial number,
even telling him where to find it. This is the response I received:

"Please so not ask any questions! I DO NOT have time to answer them!
(His caps). If you have any questions don't bid. After you buy the
engine, you can find out anything you want to know yourself."

My response:

"I was going to seriously bid on your engine. Your curt and unhelpful
response has convinced me to not deal with you. THANK YOU." (My caps).

I have been buying and selling on e-bay for five years and have more
than 700 positive feedbacks (zero negative). I have never had a response
such as this. I don't know what this guy is thinking but I hope he gets
hundreds of e-mails asking for the serial number, thereby wasting his
incredibly valuable time!

Ken Maxwell
Louisville, KY
69 convertible

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