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Bucketboss at aol.com Bucketboss at aol.com
Wed Jul 12 17:56:33 EDT 2006

I have decided (finally) to drive my '65 Corsa 140 Vert to the National in  
Buffalo and was looking for some sage advice from those much more travelled in 
a  40 year old car. Here is my dilemma. I have 2 choices.
1. Take the scenic route from Duluth,MN over Northern Wisconsin and the UP  
(MI) down through Michigan and over through Detroit and Ontario etc...
2. Go through Chicago,Gary, etc...to Detroit.
My worry is that I may wind up stuck up der in da U.P. area if I have a  
mechanical mishap whereas if I go the lower route I am closer to  civilization.
Is there anyone going that route that would like to meet up or at least  stay 
in contact during the trip? I would like to go the upper  route for the 
scenic value and stay away from Chicago. My plan is to leave  Sunday afternoon from 
Duluth to arrive late Tues night in  Buffalo.
The car is sorted out and runs well and drives well and I trust there  should 
be no problems. I will carry a small tool assy. and some spares as well  as 
my AAA card. Please don't clog up the VV with a diatribe on what spares to  
carry with. I think I can handle that part. 

Whatddya think? Am I crazy driving the car there. Anyone up there in God's  
country I can stop in for a cold one along the way?
Please reply off list so we don't clog it up.
Dave Fierek
'65 140 Corsa Vert.

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