<VV> Jet size question and exhausting ideas

Keith Onchuck keitho64 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 15:37:40 EDT 2006

OK the time has come for me to go back to 'stock'...
well mostly stock.  I have a 110 that has the Clarks
4x1 kit on it.  These are the small valve heads.  I am
going to go back to a 2 carb setup.  I am blocking off
the two secondary carbs for now.  This winter I will
probably put on the stock 110 heads with the single
carb per side.  I have 53 idle jets in the primaries. 
This was in conjunction with headers and free flowing
dual exhaust.  I have 47, 50 and 52 idle jets in my
possession.  The car is a 110 4-speed 3.55 gears (I
think).  Should I start with 47 or 50?  (I knew I
should have made a note as to what was installed)  All
4 carbs were from a 62 102HP motor.  I kept the
original heads and carbs intact for this day.  The
jets will be going into the 102 carbs for now.

Now the exhausting question, some time ago I remember
reading about a crossover pipe for the single exhaust
that was larger than stock and allowed a 2.5" or 2.25"
muffler to be used.  Does anyone know who was doing
that?  My hope is to get the larger crossover pipe and
use one of the mufflers that I have on the headers.


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