<VV> Travlin In A Brier

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corp. vairtec at optonline.net
Thu Jul 13 17:43:09 EDT 2006

At 04:49 PM 7/13/2006, Smitty Smith wrote:

>   Smitty Says:  Bill I don't mean this meanly but I know no other 
> way to say it.  If you are in a big hurry then choose another mode 
> of transport.  Some Vairs move briskly up the hills and some not so 
> fast.  Poke the thing down into a gear that will let you maintain 
> at least 2,000 rpm and kick back and drink a Coke.  You may drink a 
> lot of coke before you get there but you will get there.

Bob Says:  Smitty, I don't mean this meanly but I know no other way 
to say it [grin!]  He was concerned with his friend's Powerglide 
unit, where poking it down into another gear isn't really a practical 
option.  Nonetheless, it is my experienced opinion that his friend's 
powertrain combo (95-hp PG 3.55) may prove superior in the hills to 
his (95-hp 4-speed 3.27), all other things being equal, because of 
the axle ratio.

I like your advice about slowing down and smelling the roses, but 
I've killed a lot of bugs with Greenbriers and they can honk right 
along all day if you know how to work the traffic and the terrain.


Robert W. Marlow
Vairtec at optonline.net 

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