<VV> Travlin In A Brier

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Thu Jul 13 16:49:23 EDT 2006

From: Bill Wells 

I am concerned about the ability of his machine to negotiate the grades ecountered while travelling through Tennessee. Do any of you have any experience with his combination of vehicle and drivetrain? 
  Smitty Says:  Bill I don't mean this meanly but I know no other way to say it.  If you are in a big hurry then choose another mode of transport.  Some Vairs move briskly up the hills and some not so fast.  Poke the thing down into a gear that will let you maintain at least 2,000 rpm and kick back and drink a Coke.  You may drink a lot of coke before you get there but you will get there.

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