<VV> Jet size question and exhausting ideas

Brent Covey brentcovey at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 17:10:02 EDT 2006

Hi Keith

> I am
> going to go back to a 2 carb setup.  I am blocking off
> the two secondary carbs for now.   I have 53 idle jets in the primaries.

I imagine you mean #53 main jets

> I have 47, 50 and 52 idle jets in my
> possession.  The car is a 110 4-speed 3.55 gears (I
> think).   All
> 4 carbs were from a 62 102HP motor.

Given what you have on hand the 53's are the best choice- I wouldnt change

47 is too lean for any Corvair at the moment, even in a secondary. Stock
1965's used a 51 and have a carb with a Power Enrichment system that adds
about 3 jet sizes worth of mixture strength when its in operation. Your 102
HP carbs lack this system, so you need to err a little richer to start with-
and its generally a good practice on most old GM carbs to re-jet 2-3 jet
sizes richer than stock to restore mixture strengths- new fuels have less
thermal energy than 1960's gas and engines lose vacuum as they age, and
slightly richer mixtures are much less prone to spark knock and ping. Most
110HP (or other 164 no turbo) engines operating below ~3000' altitude will
work best with a 53 or 54 jet.

Hope thats some help,
Brent Covey
Vancouver BC

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