<VV> FC hill performance

Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 13 22:10:11 EDT 2006

Hi Bill,

Ultimately, a Powerglide coupled with any available rear end gear will have
more overall torque to the wheels than a 4spd with the same rear end
gearing.  That's because of the gear ratio of the PG 1st gear added to the
torque multiplication of the torque converter.  That however doesn't mean
that it will do it quickly!  It will actually out pull a Std transmission
FC.  I agree with Bob's conclusion.

The 95hp engine coupled with the 3.55 rear gearing is a favorite among
UltraVaner's and was one of the most common drivetrain configuration offered
by Ultra Inc. and most of those haul considerably more weight. 

Shouldn't be a problem,  a little slower.

Dan Kling

1961 Greenbrier Deluxe, 4spd, 3.89  On the Road Again,  yeehaw :)
1963 Spyder, restored   4spd Saginaw
1967 Ultravan #299  Newest of the herd!! Almost killed me already!!

A few pictures of the Greenbrier, UltraVan, engine and tranny tear down with
more to come! 

>My ride is a Greenbrier with late 95hp engine and 4 speed trans with 3.27
gears. His is a 
>Greenbrier with 95hp engine and powerglide with 3.55s.
>I am concerned about the ability of his machine to negotiate the grades
ecountered while 
>travelling through Tennessee. .
> Bill Wells

>Nonetheless, it is my experienced opinion that his friend's 
>powertrain combo (95-hp PG 3.55) may prove superior in the hills to 
>his (95-hp 4-speed 3.27), all other things being equal, because of 
>the axle ratio.
>I like your advice about slowing down and smelling the roses, but 
>I've killed a lot of bugs with Greenbriers and they can honk right 
>along all day if you know how to work the traffic and the terrain.

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