<VV> A New E-Bay Low Crate Engine/meeting tonight

LonzoVair at aol.com LonzoVair at aol.com
Thu Jul 13 22:38:38 EDT 2006

You guys DO realize that there's no way it could be a "NOS Crate Engine"...  
especially when it's got the date code stamped into it, and the type car it's  
supposed to be in...
There's something fishy going on there... I hope the bidder knows what he's  
doing... I like it how the seller has said he's gotten over 20 questions about 
 the engine number... and how "if you have any questions, DON'T BID"... what 
a  wanker!
Oh well... live and learn, I guess....
I just got back from our club meeting in Louisville... I brought my prized  
Kent-Moore tool in for show 'n tell... it's a little device that sits on your  
window, measures out one tenth of a gallon of gas, then you throw a switch and 
 it lets you use the 1/10 gallon while you note the miles driven... multiply 
by  10 and you have your gas mileage... I don't know the "J" number, but it's  
something like J-4988 or something... I can get it in the morning if there's  
interest.... several people got a kick out of it... it has an instruction 
sheet  with a 1954 copyright date, and there's a supplement page that shows you 
how to  hook it up to the Corvair, dated November 19, 1959....
One of the guys said I need to scan some of the pages and do an article for  
the Communique about it... which is a nice idea, but on the way to the  
meeting my 69 managed to break the speedometer cable... and the 64 is still  waiting 
on a rear wheel bearing.... and I think I'll be swapping a head on the  61 
'brier... some day soon...
Next week I'll be going to Jackson TN with the church youth group for  
Centrifuge Church Camp free of charge.... the preacher needed an adult male to  help 
watch the boys.... since one wasn't available he asked me...
I just hope I don't corrupt the little turds... both of my daughters are  
going, and the preacher said I can bring my bicycle, so I won't be walking  
everywhere... I think it'll be fun, and most of those kids are scared of me  
anyway... they've seen me pinch wasps and not get stung, and pull up poison  ivy and 
not catch it....
Cool, huh?
Well, I reckon I'll be looking for a speedometer cable assembly in a few  
weeks... I won't need it next week, for sure.
Y'all take care,

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