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Fri Jul 14 17:59:03 EDT 2006

This not about personalized plates.
A while back Burt Neuner (a Corvair guy and fine American) offered for sale  
some Illinois 
Special Event Plates from the Sec of State Car Show in 2000. These plates  
show a 
Caveman Car, rear view with the engine lid open and a LM  convertible.
They are SOOOOOooooo  COOL!
I'm guessing he still may have some.
Contact him and find out: 
_bneuner at ramcel.com_ (mailto:bneuner at ramcel.com) 
These will be on my car (65 Monza Coupe) at Rt 66 Rendezvous here in Berdoo  
in Sept. And 
every darn car show I got to from now.
I wonder why other states don't do this?
Tim Abney
Inland Empire Corvair Club

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