<VV> Buffalo Autocross

tim mahler flat6vair at insightbb.com
Fri Jul 14 19:10:47 EDT 2006

I need a ride for the thursday autocross -- I intended to run the #3 
Goodwrench car at the autocross and at one of the track events before the 
convention but another happening has caused me to change plans.  I will be 
without any car at the convention <unless I get a wild hair like I did in 
flagstaff where I bought a noted 68 Fitch Sprint>

Have a potential ride from a fellor chapter member, but after driving the #3 
car,  driving a PG, AC car will be a little less in the area performance --  
just a tad.  Besides, he is competing for the Cole,  and I really would 
prefer not to compete directly against him.

I am not a Seth, Warren or Dave Clemons.  But, I should be able to help 
whomever where to find a tenth of a second or two -- I may not be able to 
drive that line but usually know what it is.  And maybe some direct 
competition will net you another half second.

Let me know Off List.

tim mahler
62, 68 Fitch Sprints
#3 Goodwrence, yenko clone

Doing his best "Seth" impersonation.

PS:  I may have an empty trailer in case someone ELSE buys a car that needs 
towed west a few hundred miles.

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