<VV> carb choices

Rich Elwell richelwell at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 21:59:04 EDT 2006

Anyone have suggestions as to which type of Rochester H carbs are the best?
I am going to a friends place tomorrow to try and dig out some cores.  I
have the corsa tech guide, so I feel comfortable in identifying the
different types, but I am not sure if I should just try and find the ones
that originally would have been on the car (65 140 4sp) or find some that
would offer the best performance.

It would seem that for primaries it is fairly straight forward.  I think I
want 65 or later non smog carbs.  From the tech guide, it seems that for
late carbs the only differences were smog or not-smog.  Is that correct?

The real question comes with the secondaries.  According to the tech guide,
the secondaries changed in mid 65 to add a lockout feature that would
prevent the secondaries from coming in until the engine is warm.  One other
secondary choice was the 68-69 with the "fixed fuel feed" feature.

Am I correct in my statement that late carbs are either smog or not, or is
that too simple?  Anyone have any feedback as to which secondaries I should
look for?  I currently have the early 65 style, and I think changing the
secondaries would mean changing the linkage as well.  Can someone confirm

Thanks in advance,

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