<VV> 67 110/pg w/AC Update-Dwell

BigD darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 15 13:51:02 EDT 2006

                      Update: I finished rebuilding my carb (that I didn't do the first time), plugged all the vacuum hoses and fired the engine up. It ran great, in fact, I didn't realize how the car should sound before this. It did start smoking blue smoke quite a bit but apparently it was due to a really low dwell. After getting the dwell up the problems went away. However, for some reason I can't get the dwell past 25-28 degrees; it's good for now as I'm only moving the car in and out of the garage. 

Speaking of which, what's the best way to adjust dwell? I rotate the distributor back and forth until It looks like it on the peak of the lobe, loosen the points screw and try to get the gap as close to .019 - .016 as possible. Then I tighten it down and check and double check. When I check with the engine running it's always to low but VERY stable; just not enough angle. What could be wrong besides the meter? The points are new. Distributor cam? It doesn't look worn.

Darren Agazio, CORSA Member, Huntsville, AL 

 1967 Monza, hoping to be more than a parts car...
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