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Hello  again,

Another question for you all:  I'm  planning on installing some 15" custom 
wheels.  My car is a 65 Corsa with  the sport springs so it sits lower then 
stock.  I am going for a custom,  aggressive look so I want the tires as wide as 
practical, and to fill up the  wheelwells as much as possible, but no rubbing 
as I will be putting a lot of  miles on.  

What width and offset of 15" wheels  can/should I  use, and what size tires 
can I put on them without worries  about rubbing?

Ray Rodriguez
1965 Corsa  140/4

Well, Ray - a 15 x 7 wheel is as large as I would suggest for the street.  
The 82-92 Camaro 15" alloy fits perfectly and clears everything, provided you  
are reasonable on tires. So any wheel that is a close duplicate of that one  
should be okay. There are nice American Racing Equipment Torque-thrust style  
wheels that I believe are available in that size/offset. For tires, I believe  
the 205-55-15 fits both the wheel and the stock wheelwells well, especially if  
the car is lowered. It is listed at 23.9" tall. The 205-60-15 is a little 
tall  for the front (24.7"). It clears on some cars - and on one side better than 
 the other. And you could go bigger on the rear. There is more room. But the  
205-55-15 works well at all four corners. If you want to go just a bit wider 
on  the back, but still want to have a single spare to use, the 225-50-15 is 
listed  at exactly the same height as the 205-55-15, so a single spare could 
support  either the front or rear. The 225-50-15 should clear fine on the rear 
(being  only .8" wider) but watch your wheel backspace. Stay close to that  
Camaro spec. - Seth Emerson

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