<VV> Alternator Power Distribution Block For Early

Geoffrey Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Sat Jul 15 22:12:20 EDT 2006

    I asked this question awhile back, and got some good ideas.  Had not 
found a part to use though yet.  Today we went to the junkyard in search 
of stuff for my AC for my '63.  While there I found a perfect 
distribution block for putting an alternator in an early.  The 
distribution block on the firewall of a GM full size truck.  What say 
'72- whenever.  It is perfect.  Has raised walls around it to keep 
things from hitting it and shorting.  I mounted one right in front of 
the battery below the hood prop.  Moved the wires there.  It looks 
stock!  They are extremely ubiquitous, and practically free.  Though 
later  we stopped at a club members house, and he gave me an NOS '60 
Buick horn relay.  It is nearly the same shape ( I had already put this 
one on the car), as the GM block.  Anyway, it has a 3/8ths - 16 
terminal, and the gigantic relay.  So I am going to put it in place of 
the block I installed, and use the relay to drive the Idle Solenoid and 
Compressor for the AC.   I found a great fan to mount on my trunk 
mounted condenser.
    Another cool thing, while we were cruising around in my '63 a guy 
pulls up at a stop light, and says hey there is one of those at my 
shop.... etc.... You know, what always turns out to be a beat up rusted 
out early sedan :-P .  Well we were just hanging out looking for parts, 
cruising around so we figured lets check it out.  Anyway, we get kind of 
confused looking for the place, and look behind a shop and see a GT-40 
Kit car with Vair power!  Looked pretty cool.  Will try to check it out 
sometime.  The Vair  which we found a few blocks away, was a '64 coupe, 
not in bad shape at all, but like I need another one of those!

-Geoff Johnson

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