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Due to  restrictions by the condo association where
I'll be living, it looks like  having a 3rd vehicle may
be difficult.  I'm considering making my vair  into a
daily driver rather than give it up.  Weather isn't
much of  a factor in L.A., and my "regular" vehicle is
a 2 seat pickup that is  impractical now that I have a
family anyway, so I really have no incentive  to hold
on to that one.  My commute is short, and there are  no
worries about where I have to park it at work.  What
insurance  companies are people who actually drive
their vairs as daily drivers  carrying?  I still would
like to insure it for an appraised or stated  value -
i.e. I don't want to lose everything if I get in  an
accident.  Let me know what you are running out there.
As a side  note, if you have an extra parking space in
your garage in the South Bay  L.A. area and want to
rent it to me, let me  know!


-John Headley
64 monza convert
Torrance,  CA

I checked through several insurance companies and wound  up with AAA;  am 
very satisfied with them; I'm in Hollyweird, so insurance costs are higher  than 
in other parts of So. Calif.

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