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Craig Eagleson cleagl at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 16 10:25:06 EDT 2006

Hi Guys,

Better LATE then never......
So for all you T-shirt fans who have a sense of humor, I have something for you.
A while back a few of us were tossing around the idea of a T-shirt that included the
falls.  So, here you go.
I checked with the 4 Clubs who OK'ed it's sale.  You can visit the web site below,
order it and it comes in a few days
I had one made and it came out pretty good.  I haven't washed it yet so I don't know
how it will weather after a few washings.
It is a better process than Iron-on transfer, but not quite as good as silkscreen
printing.  Full color though.  And you can customize the back of the shirt if you
It is in a public area on Zazzle.com
The shirt was $19 +$6 shipping.  It came in 4 days via USPS
Visit the Zazzle site (Zazzle.com)
Then go to:  Travel, Hobbies, Gaming>Hobbies>Trading, Collecting>Cars 
Oh yeah, anyone who orders one, I will donate 10% to CORSA or the 4 clubs.

>From the original Posts:
Garth: " I think we should make a t shirt!"
JR:  "Wait a minute, where is the Frog Pincez?  Did she dive off of the trunk lid 
in time?"
Bill Hubbell:  "Sorry about your car, Geoff!"
ken campbell:  "There is a real possibility of all the early drivers getting in line
to go over the falls ..."


Craig Eagleson
'63 Spyder 'vert
unofficially STILL Group Red
cleagl at yahoo.com

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