<VV> ebay evil?

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Sun Jul 16 15:43:24 EDT 2006

At 09:01 hours 07/16/2006, Doug Foust wrote:
>Matt, Matt, Matt - for Pete's sake...
>"most likely belongs to the "ring" that buys 99 cent items from each 
>other...then give great feedback"???
>Sorry to hear of your perceptions, and there are a few bad eggs out 
>there, but why cast stones at something you know little about, based 
>on your admission that you have never done more than look?  I've 
>been using ebay for a few years and have found access to a world 
>market on things that you just can't pick up locally.  There's no 
>conspiracy here.
>Geez, I love reading the useful, intelligent words on this site, but 
>I'm about to follow the ones that have given up and left.  Of 
>course, no one will care, but in the interest of keeping VV alive 
>and well, isn't it about time somebody started editing what actually 
>makes it to the posting?

Actually no...  it's more a matter of learning what's delivered 
tongue-in-cheek and what's serious criticism or ranting.

Having postings to this list go through an editing process before 
they post is a bad idea.   who's gonna do it, and what's the criteria 
for their authorization to do such?   Censoring the list isn't gonna 
cure anything.

There are several people in here who tend to be a bit outspoken (oh 
my, ya don't mean it!) and we all know who they are.   Their frank 
approach to the list should not be cause for others to give up on the 
vast advantages of VV.

...I can hardly imagine what could go on here that would make *me* 
quit the list, although I'm rather caustic and thick skinned and not 
exactly lily-white in my own posturing in any event.

To those who find it uncomfortable to see frank opinion posted here, 
relax.   It's likely nothing personal at all.

Matt, play nice.   Don't make me come down there...  ;)

I am evil and I *will* cast a spell on those who continue to be bad.

You guys can all continue to bitch and moan... *I* am gonna go put a 
brake hose on my '60 4-door and a muffler on the blue '67 500 and not 
worry about the list, which will take care of itself the same way it 
always has.     Afterwards, I'll be back in here same as usual and 
I'll probably say something that's sure to piss off someone somewhere 
one way or another.

Hey, I gotta be me...    besides, it's people like us rabble rousers 
that give the nice people something to talk about on slow news days.


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