<VV> ebay evil?

Doug Foust doufou at msn.com
Sun Jul 16 12:01:54 EDT 2006

Matt, Matt, Matt - for Pete's sake...


"most likely belongs to the "ring" that buys 99 cent items from each 
other...then give great feedback"???

Sorry to hear of your perceptions, and there are a few bad eggs out there, 
but why cast stones at something you know little about, based on your 
admission that you have never done more than look?  I've been using ebay for 
a few years and have found access to a world market on things that you just 
can't pick up locally.  There's no conspiracy here.

Geez, I love reading the useful, intelligent words on this site, but I'm 
about to follow the ones that have given up and left.  Of course, no one 
will care, but in the interest of keeping VV alive and well, isn't it about 
time somebody started editing what actually makes it to the posting?

Doug Foust

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