<VV> ebay evil because of ?

TimogensTurbo at aol.com TimogensTurbo at aol.com
Sun Jul 16 14:12:39 EDT 2006

In a message dated 7/16/06 9:02:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, doufou at msn.com 

> Sorry to hear of your perceptions, and there are a few bad eggs out there, 
> but why cast stones at something you know little about, based on your 
> admission that you have never done more than look?  I've been using ebay for 
> a few years and have found access to a world market on things that you just 
> can't pick up locally.  There's no conspiracy here.
> Geez, I love reading the useful, intelligent words on this site, but I'm 
> about to follow the ones that have given up and left.  Of course, no one 
> will care, but in the interest of keeping VV alive and well, isn't it about 
> time somebody started editing what actually makes it to the posting?
> Doug Foust
Funny, I know 3 people that belong to it....dozens's that buy / sell 
there....they all agree....maybe I should've edited them?  or Censored?  ggg

I never said evil bay was bad...I did just buy something there......and most 
agree...It's EVIL!!   LOL!!


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