<VV> an actual 'Vair question

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Mon Jul 17 03:21:48 EDT 2006

Remember when I said I was gonna go change a brake hose in my '60 
4-door?     No?    Doesn't matter, I wouldn't remember either.

What I did was discover that the brake line is time-welded to the 
flange nut and won't come loose.   It stands to reason.  I've 
replaced the other brake lines but not this one seeing as how it's 
the hard one to replace, so I guess this one is due.    It's gonna 
break when I attempt to get the line loose from the hose.

Does anybody in here know how long the brake line is on the driver 
side rear of a '60 sedan?    Before I break this one off, I'd as soon 
have another to replace it with.

I know, vendors have 'em etc but I don't wanna wait for half the week 
with the car up on stands waiting on a brake line while the weekday 
monsoons get here, which is likely by mid-week.    I intend to go to 
the parts store and buy a line after work tomorrow, take it home and 
fix the '60 4-door.

SO:   I want to get it done by tomorrow.    I'd rather not guess on 
the line length.     I feel foolish for NOT knowing how long that 
brake line is supposed to be, so don't anybody pick on me.

...anybody know how long it is?


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