<VV> Body trim plate

BigD darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 16 14:15:25 EDT 2006

Ok, so I have access to the Corvairkid website now; don't know why I couldn't connect for a day. I hope someone answers my "4" question that website makes me believe I should have an 'E' not a "4" in this location, of course that is '66 info. See http://www.corvairkid.com/66codes.htm  BTW-I looked for the build sheet in the seat front seat backs and under the back seat. Where else could it be?

BigD <darrenvvagazio at yahoo.com> wrote: I NEED HELP WHERE NOTED ONLY:
 12C                                       4 (Help, interior paint color?)
 67-10537 WRN                                  6126     
 758                                     C-C    

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